More immigration pathways for Hongkongers


Even more immigration pathways will launch for Hongkongers who wish to settle and work in Canada

It seems even more immigration pathways will launch for Hongkongers to move and settle in Canada. In a previous article, we explained how Canada has already launched a tailored open work permit for young Hongkongers. Given that Hongkongers are generally fluent in English and have high education, Canadian provinces seek Hong Kong young talent.

Under the open work permit, eligible Hongkongers will be able to remain in Canada while gaining precious work experience. This will also greatly boost their chances to receive invitations for permanent residence. Alternatively, Hongkongers can also apply through an LMIA Based Work Permit, which allows Canadian employers to hire foreign talent.

Furthermore, the recent announcement also points to a new program granting permanent residence to qualifying Hongkongers. There are not enough details at present to guess who will be eligible under the program. The federal government will likely release requirements for education, work experience, and language skills in the coming months.

Historical ties between Canada and Hong Kong go way back. The two have always shared close cultural and demographic ties. Today, hundreds of thousands of Canadians can trace their roots back to Hong Kong. And with these new immigration pathways opening up, it’s not difficult t see even more Hongkongers deciding to make Canada their new home.