Immigration to Canada: 401000 newcomers in 2021


Immigration to Canada retains its strong pace this year, even during pandemic times.

Immigration to Canada is one of the country’s strongest assets. In new IRCC data, 23,375 people obtained permanent residence in February. Previously, IRCC also expanded efforts to welcome refugees and pathways for temporary workers and international graduates. The country remains open and is on track to welcome over 400,000 new immigrants this year.

Not all is gold that glitters; however: Canada fell short of its target in 2020. This is understandably due to lockdowns and economic impasse because of the coronavirus pandemic. In 2020, Canada welcomed just 184,370 immigrants. In order to set the country back to its initial target, Immigration Minister Mendicino launched the most ambitious immigration plan in the country’s history.

Canada remains focused on transitioning foreigners already residing in the country to full permanent residence. Among these, we can find temporary foreign workers, international students, and refugees. Canada is also focusing on special packages, such as those directly aimed at Hongkongers. Moreover, sponsored family members can also rejoin their loved ones in Canada through the specific pathway.

Therefore, it seems that 2021 could indeed be the year Canada recovers its aspirations as a global hub. The Canadian dream of hospitality, quality of life, and peace must not be forgotten. Moreover, Canadians seem to have embraced fully just how important immigration is as a driving force for their economy. If support for immigration has become a staple of the Canadian people, it is because of a combination of positive economic impact and cultural values. Canadians highly appreciate diversity and see it as something to strive for rather than something that could threaten their traditions. If Canada wishes to get back on track with its economic recovery, immigration can never be left out. The people are sure of that.