Entering Canada from U.S. during pandemic


Entering Canada from U.S. during pandemic will become easier

Entering Canada from U.S. during pandemic will soon become easier. Restrictions are in place since March to contain the spread of coronavirus. However, there are individuals such as temporary workers and international students which are exempt. Everyone that wishes to enter Canada must undergo 14 days of compulsory self-isolation. They also must demonstrate to have an adequate quarantine plan.

People that wish to travel to Canada for non-essential reasons cannot do at present, unfortunately. Still, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced last week that immediate family members will be able to enter Canada. Therefore, spouses or common-law partners, grandchildren, parents, step-parents as well as guardians or tutors won’t be denied entry. In order for immediate family member to enter, a set of conditions must be met. First, the trip should last at least 15 days (IRCC is flexible in this). Second, the person entering must self-quarantine for 14 days upon entering Canada. Third, the person must not have COVID-19 or related symptoms upon entry.

Studying and Working in Canada

Canada has set in place numerous measures to address labour shortage. Employers who wish to hire foreign workers in the fields of IT and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) can do so through the Global Talent Stream. Those who wish to work in Canada can, as of today, use an accelerated work permit authorisation process. Unlike the US, which has temporarily banned immigration, Canada remains committed to welcoming immigrants. Immigration, according to Minister Marco Mendicino, will be key to Canada’s economic success and recovery in the post-pandemic phase.

That’s why Canada has over 80 pathways for people who wish to immigrate under Canada’s economic class (i.e. not related to family, refugee status etc). If you are a skilled worker and you wish to make Canada your new home, you might want to consider strongly the Express Entry system. Another popular way is through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

If you are a student, make sure to check out the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), enabling international students to gain work experience after completing their studies. While before the pandemic, online courses were not counted for PGWP, the situation has changed. Travel restrictions and flight cancelling has convinced the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to relax their rules and allow students to complete courses while oversea without losing their eligibility to PGWP.

Are you a US citizen considering immigration to Canada?

Canada highly favours immigration from the US. Applicants from the US can easily gain Canadian permanent residence due to their English fluency, professional background and high education standards. US residents are among the top 3 successful candidates for Express Entry draw system. If you wish to immigrate to Canada, check out the official webpage. And do not fear if it all seems quite desperate or complicated: there’s thousands in your same shoes, looking to better their situation.