Canada’s Immigration Minister Plans for 1 Million More Newcomers


Canada’s immigration minister announced a plan to bring in 1 million more immigrants over the coming years.

Canada’s immigration minister announced late last month that the country would aim to bring in a million more immigrants by 2022. Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Marco Mendicino declared his vision in Toronto. This comes as a long unofficial tradition of ministers outlining their vision for the future.

Mendicino’s statement comes as his first major policy speech since his appointment in November last year. He stated that the future of Canada is immigration. This, he outlines, will be achieved through the efficient use of the Express Entry system.

The minister’s plan is not so spontaneous. Canada’s population is not sustaining itself. The country has an older population in general, and a declining birth rate. In addition, the ageing population is putting more pressure on the healthcare system. As a result of this, the system has become more expensive.

As it stand now, almost 80% of Canada’s population growth is coming from immigration. Many experts speculate that this could reach 100% by 2030. With Express Entry, Mendicino says he can reverse the birth rate downturn.

However, Canada is not new to the immigration needs issue. The federal government aimed to drive immigration, as well as spread the new workforce across the country. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot started to fill jobs with foreigners very effectively. In addition to this, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot has helped fill small towns with new workers.

Canadians want more Canadians

Mendicino also pushed for citizens to take a more active role. He urged supporters to foster more welcoming societies and that the plan was a net positive for Canada. Canada’s immigration system has been praised by the The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

In a letter last year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised the efforts to drive more immigration growth.

It is more important than ever for Canadians to unite and build a stronger, more inclusive and more resilient country. The Government of Canada is the central institution to promote that unity of purpose and, as a Minister in that Government, you have a personal duty and responsibility to fulfill that objective.

Many in the government have agreed. The need for immigration is imminent. Both the private and public sectors have stated publicly that the incoming foreign workforce will play a huge role in the very near future.

So far, immigration has been on the rise, and the future looks good for Canada. Businesses report that the incoming workforce has already made a positive impact.