Canada Begins Plans To Cease Providing Security For Royal Couple


Canada begins to stop providing personal security services for the royal couple as they begin their long awaited move.

Canada begins plans to end the practice of providing security services to Harry and Meghan. Federal government authorities announced the change in light of the couples change in royal status. Since their arrival in November of last year, the job has fallen to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Earlier this year the couple announced that they would be renouncing their royal duties. This move would be official beginning March 31st. In addition, they said they will no longer be performing duties on behalf of the British crown.

At hte time of writing, no officials have spoken about who would be assuming the security responsibilities. The couple however are expected to remain Internationally Protected Persons. This designation requires host nations to provide security and protective services for them.

Despite this, many Canadians feel it is not their duty to cover these costs. In January, the Angus Reid Institute released a study on the matter. They found that 73% of Canadians had no interest in paying for the couples expenditures. 3% of respondents said that they should pick up the tab for security. Another 19% said they were fine with paying a portion of the bill.

Aaron Wudrick, federal director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, stated it similarly.

“The distinction is a bit like a friend who comes over for dinner and you’re happy to prepare their meal versus them deciding they’re going to move in and still expecting you to cook for them all the time.”

Prime Minister Trudeau stated that many of the details have yet to be outlined, but largely remains silent on the issue.

Canada’s royal roots still run deep.

Others have raised the question of real cost per person for the crown. The Monarchist League of Canada has in their most recent study quantified this metric. At $1.68 per Canadian, they state the cost is largely negligible when compared with the benefits of a cosy relationship.

Some in the business sector have proposed that the investment and enterprise ventures of the couple could play a role. Both Harry and Meghan stand to profit well from any post-royal family business venture. As such, some see this as an opportunity to grow Canadian commerce.

Nonetheless, others point out that the matter is not purely financial but also a matter of principal.

Some in Quebec are not so warm to the idea. In a region known for a colder view of the crown, the Bloc Quebecois has spoken their point. Yves-Francois Blanchet stated that he was already paying for a Netflix subscription. If he desired, he could watch The Crown, a drama about Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

One issue that resonates with both sides has yet to receive an answer. Many simply want more information from the crown, and the couple, on what their plans are.