5 reasons why immigrants prefer Canada to the USA


5 reasons why immigrants prefer Canada to the USA to settle during these difficult times

These 5 reasons why immigrants prefer Canada to the USA show a great deal of things:

  • Free Universal Healthcare
  • Paid statutory holidays
  • Paid maternity leave
  • Work-life balance
  • Welcoming culture

First of all, they underline that immigrants in Canada experience significant benefits compared to ones choosing the USA. Moreover, Canada is now a country where immigrants can form a wide and deep network of contacts. Benefits for maternity are essential for career women looking to settle in the country. Also, a higher work-life balance means less stress and a more productive, fulfilling life.

Healthcare is, of course, another huge plus. People don’t want to worry about hospital bills when they have an accident or commit a mistake and pay the consequences. Life is hard the way it is, why should the same institutions built to assist us make us pay double? Feels like punishment, something that Canada does not do.

In a lot of ways, immigrants choose Canada because of its promise for a higher and more supportive quality of life. Canada is becoming a new facet of the American dream – one where the struggle for success is shared among all. And the success of all means the betterment of everybody.

Rather than a zero sum game, immigrants see in Canada a place where they can find a welcoming hand and support with their ventures. Not only that: while the USA chooses isolationism and a tighter grip on immigration, Canada chooses openness and global leadership. It seems as if the country has risen up to take the mantle from our cousins in the south.