About us

Local News Canada

Local News Canada is a news broadcasting organization stationed in Edmonton, Alberta. It brings you the latest news about Canada from the heart of its most populated city. Our team of professional journalists and editors live and breathe news about Canada from inside the country for the international audience. Moreover, we are dedicated to providing the Canada top News and deliver them right at your smartphone in different categories.

News We Cover

Our subscribers can receive all the national news about Canada. This includes domestic and international policies, plans and visions under the Politics section.

Canada is the most immigrant-welcoming nation in the world; so a large number of our audience would like to see a section devoted to the latest changes on the Canadian immigration policies and new opportunities the federal government or provinces announce.

Furthermore, our Work Section spreads detailed news about local job seekers and
international skilled workers. In fact, every day in our newsroom, we receive success
stories, news about thriving start-ups and well-performing businesses operating
in Canada. We truly do our best to cover and reflect them on our website and

Similarly, Technology and Education are 2 other very interesting areas; our local
journalists collect the latest achievements from top Canadian education
centers, from the University of Ottawa to UBC.

Lastly, Canadian tourism, wildlife, travel, and holiday news bring you the latest news about travel packages, hotel bookings, and flights. No matter where you are in the world, there are news categories you can choose from depending on your taste and interest.

In short, Local News Canada brings you the news about Canada directly from the locals as it develops right from the source. It is your go-to medium when you are looking for a fast, honest, and the most comprehensive reportage from Canada. Wherever you are in the world and would like to receive news about Canada, or maybe planning to travel to Canada for holidays or visit your family members, move-in or even immigrate to Canada, Local News Canada is, and going to remain, your eyes and ears in the country.